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ShowDocument API
Demo Application

Application Developers’ Home

This is the official home of ShowDocument for developers.

What For?

ShowDocument welcomes customized apps that will benefit our community of users. Once an app has been tested and approved we will make it available in our App Center for our customers to download and use. Apps can be utilities, games or any other tool.

The ShowDocument API

ShowDocument provides an API for creating apps that will run inside the ShowDocument framework.

ShowDocument apps are ActionScript 3 applications that run in full real-time synchronization in two or more Web browsers.

The demo application will help in demonstrating how to use the API. The Developers App lets you load and test your app in a ShowDocument session.

Submit Your App

All apps should be submitted to ShowDocument via email.

Note: All submitted apps will be open-sourced via the MIT license.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments to share.