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What People Say

People all over the world use ShowDocument. Here’s what just a few of their stories about how they share documents and collaborate online.

“Thanks ShowDocument for making it so easy for me to collaborate with my classmates on projects. We use the online document sharing all the time. And considering we’re students, we really appreciate the free document sharing!
-- Ben Stone, May 2010

“ShowDocument is a great way to do online presentations. It’s like meeting in person … the only thing missing is the travel.”
-- Philippe Lang, Co-Founder, TalkAhead, July 2010

“I just love using ShowDocument to talk to my grandkids. We do video, and grandson shows me the movies he’s editing with his PC. I wish it had been around when I was still working, it would have save me a lot of travel.”
-- Dena Kerren, Retired Convention Planner

“This is a great way to show clients the new comps for ad campaigns and designs for websites.”
-- Chris Faust, Founder & CEO, Fastlane Communications

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